List of Blockchain Jobs


From the past few years, the world is witnessing the dawn of new technology and it is Blockchain technology. The distributed ledger of blockchain offers solutions to many problems faced by industries and tech companies.

Blockchain was initially used to develop cryptocurrencies but gradually it extended its reach to health, finance, real estate, education, Bitcoin Casinos, mobile applications, and several other sectors and many more industries are coming forward to adopt this technology.

Blockchain is considered as the spark for the next big industrial revolution. For aspirants who are looking to build their careers in Blockchain, this is the perfect time to kick start their careers and explore the field of blockchain-related apps.

Even though Blockchain is creating sensations everywhere, jobs in this sector are completely fresh for the people who choose this career. So it becomes an experimental move to choose this as a career.

Blockchain jobs don't need a degree, all they need is passion and knowledge in this area. The demand for blockchain knowledge and experience is increasing rapidly. The following are few Highest-Paid Blockchain Jobs.

  • Blockchain Data Scientist: He is well skilled in predicting and doing some research on blockchain data. He is paid up to $175,000pa.
  • Blockchain Developer: He is highly talented in developing applications through blockchain technology. He is paid up to $176,780pa.
  • Blockchain Engineer: He is the only person responsible for blockchain solutions. He is highly paid up to $127,560pa.
  • Blockchain Marketing Manager: He has complete knowledge of cryptocurrency and how to attract the public in large. He is paid up to $175,000pa.
  • Blockchain Security Architect: He has developed a comprehensive security system to ensure safe and secure transactions. He is paid up to $112,415pa.

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Thursday, 24 June 2021
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